Box bigbag filler






Quick in the box without landfill cones.

The Wevano box bigbag filler requires no additional actions with the forklift and is therefore a guarantee for MAXIMUM FILL CAPACITY. Also outside the Netherlands is this machine known as an ideal filler of boxes/crates and bigbags.

The ideal chests filler that ensures that the forklift has minimal waiting times and a box has to be picked up and put away only once. The crates are perfect filled with a high capacity. The Wevano box bigbag filler is in different variations available. For more information please contact our Office.

The benefits of the Wevano box bigbag filler:

- high capacity
- time saving
- less movement with the forklift
- product friendly
- continuous small fall heights
- shorter drying time of the product
- simple installation
- simple setting of the weight
- crates/boxes/big-bags


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